Where to Live in Montana

Where to live in Montana

Montana is a big state… Let me rephrase that, it's one of the biggest states in our US with the most wide open spaces, long straight freeways, and miles upon miles of ranches and Hill country. If you like wide open spaces, this is the place to be. While we have some mountains on the West side of the state, the East side and the Northeastern side is more flat with a few beautiful creeks and rivers running to the valleys and endless acres of ranches and farmland.

Where to live in Montana

So in this expansive, big sky state, how do you know where to live?

There are two major roads running through Montana; Interstate 15 running North and South from the Canadian border all the way to Idaho and Idaho Falls and beyond and Interstate 90 running east and west through the the southern part of the state. Most of the major cities are along these freeways including Great Falls, Missoula, Billings, Bozeman and Livingston, and Miles City. Beyond these major freeways are smaller highways and country roads with lots of ranches and farms dotted amongst the beautiful tan countryside.

Montana Town Elevations

Once you pass Billings if you're going West you start to see more mountains and deeper canyons and valleys. By the time you reach Bozeman and Butte you're at a pretty high elevation and Missoula sits at about 3200 feet elevation but this is not the highest elevation in the state. West Yellowstone located at the far southern tip just before you enter Wyoming sits at over 6700 feet elevation. Feeling a little lightheaded? That can certainly happen in this type of elevation.

But most of Montana's population resides between Missoula and Billings and between Butte and Great Falls. These of the more major cities in the state of Montana so if you're looking to stay within a city limits for amenities and practical necessities, anyone of these cities may fit your criteria. Billings, Missoula, and Great Falls are the bigger of the three cities and the smaller ones beauty, Bozeman, Livingston, Belgrade, and Helena, all reside within this triangle of major cities located more on the Western side of the state.

Montana certainly has its ups and downs, and by that I mean in the beautiful hills and fields that you pass as you travel throughout the state. Our climates are quite distinct with cooler winters and warm summers.

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